The Plague! Surviving Flu Season

Wow!  All of my students are sick!  Here are some natural cold remedies to get you through the flu season.

  1. Saltwater gargle! Salt acts as a mild antiseptic, and also draws water out of mucous membranes in the throat, which helps to clear phlegm. Dissolve a half-teaspoon salt in a glass of warm water, gargle and spit out. Repeat up to four times a day. I try to do it after eating and brushing my teeth!
  2. If you live in the frozen north like I do, run a humidifier.  I read an article on an airplane about how viruses die in higher humidity!  It has greatly reduced the amount of sore throats I get.
  3. Honey is a natural cough suppressant!  Add it to your tea.
  4. Ginger. Both Aryuvedic and Chinese Medicine recommend ginger when feeling a cold coming on. Try this recipe for Ginger Tea. 1/2 teaspoon of dry ginger spice, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon of honey. Stir into a cup of boiling water. You can also buy ginger tea at the store, but this is way stronger!
  5. Diet. Both Chinese and Aryuvedic Medicine recommend eating light, warm simple foods, such as soup. Avoid congestive foods (dairy, sugar, fried foods, meat, wheat, bananas and yeast). Also avoid all cold food and drinks, and keep drinking hot water to stay hydrated.
  6. Neti Pot. Gross but effective. I recommend NeilMed from the pharmacy. It comes with little packets to mix with the water. Make sure you boil the water or use distilled. People have died from using tap water. 🙂 Always try to breathe through your nose but especially while sick.
  7. Zinc lozenges. In one study, people who sucked on a zinc lozenge every two hours got rid sore throats three to four days quicker than those who didn’t! But too much zinc can actually compromise immunity, which is why you shouldn’t take the lozenges for a long time. Avoid Halls.  They are just sugar.  Don’t feed the bugs…
  8. Acupressure. Google search colds sore throat and acupressure. You can greatly reduce the pain of a sore throat by just finding the right pressure point.

There are many others but this list comprises the more legit things I have tried to staying healthy during flu season!