Using less air when singing!

So many singers believe that to sing louder is to use more air.  And true this does make you louder, but it also has a tendency to make you flat.  I believe  this is because it causes your false folds to constrict (the feeling of something tensing or closing in your throat).   This is particularly true for baritones switching up to tenor.  Singing tenor is learning how to belt or yell with the least amount of air.  But for baritones part of their loudness comes from pushing air, which when I was singing baritone always made me sing flat!  When you push air, the throat has to react to that and protect itself and so your false folds constrict.  But when you start singing with less air your false folds relax and you can start to feel new sensations in your throat.  In the book, Caruso’s Method of Voice Production, there is listed 7 principles of singing.  Number 2 states – “The full extension of the natural range of the voice is produced only by using the minimum tension of the vocal chords and the minimum breathe required for each tone.  This establishes a correct mechanism of voice production.”  (Page 50) Phonating through a straw really helps you to experience this!