Switching: Thyroid Versus Cricoid

This is my first post since really starting to concentrate this blog on my experience of switching to tenor.  My journey started when a teacher told me she thought I was a tenor and I said show me how.  It was a long struggle, but I eventually stumbled onto Estill Voice Training and it gave me a new understanding on what was truly happening in my throat.  The first big discovery is that baritones and tenors are fundamentally doing two different things.  Baritones are tilting their thyroid cartilage and basically imitating a well trained Shakespearean Actor and tenors are tilting their cricoid cartilages and are imitating a shout.  Baritones are lowering their larynx and tenors are lifting their larynx.  So my first task for you is to discover your higher tilted cricoid sound.  Imitate a child.  Or a valley girl – like omg.  (Do it in the privacy, lol) Do you feel your larynx lift?  And the back hump of the tongue lift?  Try singing in this voice.  It feels totally different but you should already feel like the high notes are easier.  Stayed tuned for more posts!!